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Preparing your Caravan

Inos Exterior


It’s that time of year caravanners look forward to the most – time for a service and preparing for the start of the new season and the first trip away of the year. Just as you prepare your caravan to survive the cold winter months, you have to make sure your Inos is ready to use in spring (unless you frequently brave the winter weather!). Using your caravan for the first time after winter is always an exciting event, but it’s important that you check for any signs of damage that may have occurred over the winter period.

Here’s what you need to do to prepare for your first outing:

  • Check your Tyres – One of the first things you should check are your tyres. As you may know, it is important that you rotate your Inos’ wheels periodically over winter so that the weight isn’t concentrated on one section of the tyres over a long period of time. When checking your tyres it’s important that you look for signs of cracking or bulging and top up the air pressure.
  • Spotting signs of damp – Damp is a caravan’s biggest enemy as if its left alone it can quickly cause a huge amount of damage, making it vital that you spot the signs as early as possible and deal with the problem immediately. Check around windows doors, and skylights for signs of any leaks and also give all upholstery a once over for any signs of damp. If you spot the damp early it can generally be fixed with a dehumidifier or even a few hours of fresh air circulating.
  • Safety and Security – It is important to test all of your security equipment is in full working order before setting out on your first trip of the season. Check the alarm still activates. And for some of you with a tracker it might also be worth moving it a few miles away and calling the monitoring centre to make sure they can get its location.
  • Spring clean – Keeping your Inos clean on the inside and out will help prolong its life and keep it in tip top condition. This is not only important for the enjoyment of your caravanning holidays, but also means that if you decide to upgrade your Inos in the future then you will get a better price when trading in.
  • Servicing – most caravan insurers recommend getting your caravan serviced every year to ensure no issues surface whilst on the road or at a campsite. At this time of year we do get busy with customers wanting a service on their Inos’ therefore we would recommend booking early to ensure your Inos is ready to go on your first holiday.

You can book a service for your Inos by calling our sales department on 01745 583000 or email


Cooking in your inos

Cooking in your Inos caravan


Experience Day – October 2015

Part of the Fifth Wheel Co.

Inos British Caravan

The Fifth Wheel Company is truly a family affair. based in the stunning North Wales countryside of Rhuallt, Denbighshire, we founded the Fifth Wheel Company in 2002.


Touring with your own home behind you gives you the freedom to travel where you want, when you want – you’re in control and literally in the driving seat. So when you have that kind of freedom in your life, why should you ever have to compromise on your own personal style and comfort when traveling?

If you’re looking for a caravan that doesn’t make compromises but instead epitomises exclusive design, is incredibly spacious and simply takes your breath away, then the award-winning Inos is for you.

Hand crafted in our factory in Rhuallt, North Wales, the British-built Inos caravan doesn’t just stand out from the crowd; it takes caravanning to the next level and beyond. It cleverly combines five-star hotel luxury with an outstanding build quality and all the practical features required to make travelling across the UK and abroad a breeze.

Launched in 2011, the Inos caravan, with its innovative slide-out section, has the wow factor that many caravan buyers have been yearning for, and still we are the only manufacturer of EU compliant slide-out tourers.

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Inos British Caravan


Summer Shutdown 2017

We will be on our annual Shutdown between the 18/08/2017 and 04/09/2017. Should you have an urgent enquiry during this time, please contact us on 01745 583 000, leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP. Thank you, The Fifth Wheel Team.

15th Anniversary

This year we celebrate our 15th year of manufacture and to mark the occasion we will be inviting all current owners of our products (Inos and Fifth Wheel) to join us for an anniversary celebration event on 13th May 2017.   We have a number of VIN’s we are unsure of ownership due to private re-sale and…


Following the Brexit vote back in June, we have been closely monitoring our costs and been able to make agreements with suppliers to keep from increasing our prices. The vote led to a sudden drop in the sterling pound, but recent events (Article 50) have seen an even bigger slide in the pound to the…

The Fifth Wheel Company teams up with Bangor University

The Fifth Wheel Company welcomed a group of Product Design students from Bangor University for an exclusive tour of their factory to educate them about the production processes of their bespoke caravans.   The visit is part of an ongoing partnership between the Fifth Wheel Company and the University, where the company and students work…

Experience Day – October 2015

The Experience October 8th-10th   During October we offered a unique opportunity for customers to visit our factory and to understand the nuts and bolts that go into our fabulous products. This sales led event was a perfect opportunity to view our factory and learn more about our production process. During the event visitors could…

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